ein Weihnachten zum erinnern

ein Weihnachten zum erinnern

I have always lived in warm climate areas, never experiencing weather under 60 degrees which sadly meant NO SNOW ever.  This year I made sure to put it on my bucket list to see a white Christmas, well December at least. I found the absolutel perfect place in Washington. Leavenworth is a small German town outside of Seattle. After flying to Seattle I took the mini 2 hour road trip to Leavenworth. This particular weekend it was snowing everyday. The drive there was so scenic, Fir trees filled with thick frosted tips from head to toe along the sides of the road.


Leavenworth was having thier annual Christmas light festival this Saturday so the tiny frosted streets were filled with people. While walking through the main road there was a huge group of melodious Christmas carolers chanting along to songs. The aroma of sweet desserts drifted through the wind and under my nose. Lots of people wore different uniquely themed goofy holiday hats. While it was still daylight I decided to get myself a good old German beer and bite to eat while waiting for the lights to come on. The first few restaurants I tried had up to 4 hour waits it was insane! I stumbled upon the Bavarian Bistro and grabbed a cold light Hoffbrow. As a child my family and I lived in Germany for some years and I haven’t had good authentic German food since. I contemplated hard and decided to give in on my vegan diet and eat some food without restrictions. I ordered the jager schnitzel and WOW it was delicious. The 40 minute wait was definitely worth it. I switched from beer to a hot cocoa drink. From what I remember, this drink had Baileys, peppermint, hot cocoa, coffee and another liquor (very devouring).

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After my delicious very missed dinner, the sky was almost completely dark so I went outside to catch the view of the famous Christmas lights. The fluffy white snow combined with the Christmas cheer all around and bright lights was enough to put a permanent smile across my face. The over all Leavenworth Christmas festival was magical to say the least. I wish to go again next year.



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