Best Girl

Best Girl

Best Girl is a cute new brunch spot located at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. After finding Best Girl on yelp and reading how they are in collaboration with award-winning Chef Micheal Cimarusti, I decided to give this place a try. The restaurant was black and white with some boutique vibes going on. I decided to take the terrace since the weather had warmed up. Showing up a little sluggish and hungover I decided to hold off on the mimosa. I was in no doubt dire need of a coffee. I might sound a little close minded but a bad cup of coffee to me is usually a real deal breaker if I end up liking a restaurant or not. I ordered a soy cappuccino. The cup was SO good I ended up ordering another right after.



The chilaquiles I ordered were so delicious! The green salsa was spicy and eggs fluffy. My girl friend accompanying me ordered the crab cakes which she practically inhaled. I really liked the setting here. It’s perfect to sit down, relax to a nice conversation and sip on a cappuccino. There was a doggy bowl on the ground next to my table hinting out they’re pet friendly, which is always a big plus! I’m always happy to find another really good unknown brunch spot in LA. The coffee is amazing and I’ll definitely be heading back soon for it.






    • classiccarmen
      March 20, 2018 / 12:53 pm

      I can never go wrong with Chilaquiles lol

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