My 3 Day Juice Cleanse

My 3 Day Juice Cleanse

After coming back home from my weekend vacation in Texas, I desperately needed a detox to feel healthy again. I consumed a fair amount of alcohol, sugar, grease, and meat so I knew a juice cleanse would be drastic enough to help. You are always the boss of your juice cleanse. Your cleanse can last only one day or you can try a whole week, or even be crazy and do up to a month! It’s 100% up to you. You might be thinking “Why would I even try this”? Well the benefits are pretty epic.


  • Detoxification
  • Weight loss
  • Cell repair
  • Boost energy
  • Flood the body with nutrition
  • Build immunity

I had done a juice cleanse in the past from Pressed Juicery and was not impressed. Instead of really detoxing me, I felt extremely bloated and full. I don’t think the ingredients from their products are really fresh and possibly filled with mostly water. I highly recommend going to a local juice store. This time around I decided to give Moon Juice a try. Moon Juice is an all organic shop that really provides you excellent products and information on how to nourish yourself.



My boyfriend and I decided to try the “Rainbow Cleanse” and the “Indigo Cleanse” (which contained mostly green juices). These daily cleanses had 8 juices per day which is a lot for me personally so I decided to carry over the left over juices and turn my 2 day into a 3 day cleanse. For the total for 4 days purchased it ran us around $320. Juicing can be pretty expensive unless of course you do it yourself. I also threw in these cool herbal powders that are supposed to provide you stimulation. (still have not tested)


My Experience

Although I was open to the idea of drinking coffee during my cleanse, I didn’t feel as if I needed to, I was really energized in the morning. My evenings were filled with a “hangry” attitude and I was pretty cranky. When I felt the most irritable I would drink 2 juices within the hour to calm down my hunger. When I got very hungry I snacked on raw broccoli and carrots. During a juice cleanse it is okay to consume small portions of raw veggies or nuts (carrots probably weren’t the best idea considering the natural sugars but oh well). Even though you are some what fasting you don’t have to be strict and make yourself suffer. This is supposed to be an enlightening experience not a stressful one. Aside from being a little cranky, all of my bloat had disappeared. My stomach was flat and my confidence had boosted. I think avoiding intense physical activity which leads to extreme hunger is also a good idea. I did not to attend the gym while juicing but I did do a short hike one day and was tremendously hungry afterwards. It is also important to drink lots of water throughout the day to really flush out the toxins and avoid any minor headaches.

The day after

The following days after I completed my cleanse, I was no longer craving these overly thought out meals; instead I was more conscious of what I wanted to put back into my body. To be honest I was mostly craving a small bowl of rice with lots of kimchi on top lol. I had that along with more raw veggies and vegetarian salads. Over all I think this 3 day juice cleanse was a real eye opener to help me distinguish what exactly makes my body feel energized, what makes my skin glow as well as proper portion control. I encourage anyone who wants to try it out to do so! Just get your feet wet and make some juices at home, try it for a day and see how you feel! Thanks for reading!




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