October in Oahu

October in Oahu

Our friends are getting married in Honolulu? YES!!! After watching the movie Wedding Dates I’ve been impatiently waiting on someone I know to get married in Hawaii lol. This means I get to explore another  Hawaiian island and cross Oahu off of my bucket list. Let’s go! First stop was Honolulu. We booked our room at the Halekulani hotel. (Which means “house befitting Heaven”). This hotel was really nice with a perfect location on the beach and walking distance to lots of shops and restaurants. Honolulu was a little over overwhelming with the city vibes but I really enjoyed the 2 nights I spent there with my scenic bedroom view and the gorgeous wedding I attended.

Next stop was Oahu’s north shore and of course I stayed at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort. I was so happy and relieved to be on the north shore where I could really relax, be lazy, stuff my face, sunset watch, and sip Mai Tais because what else would I want to do on vacation?


First stop was the famous Giovanniss Shrimp truck. Oh and if you didn’t know, food trucks are a HUGE thing on the north shore. Word of mouth and reputation go A LONG way. The line for G’s was long and probably would have taken me around 30 min or so if we didn’t recognize some friends and cut halfway in line. BUT it was very worth it! Ps order the garlic shrimp and hot sauce on THE SIDE. Also, grab yourself an ice cold coconut while waiting in line.


Breakfast everyday at Teds Bakery is what a fairy tale consists of. Between their chocolate Haupia pies, spam & egg plates, perfect açaí bowls and mouth-watering desserts I really couldn’t get enough!

POKE POKE & MORE POKE! –Go eat all of the fresh poke bowls you can because after you get home you really can’t find any better than Hawaii.

Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden



Oahu is home to many botanical gardens but I decided to check out the Ho`omaluhia (a peaceful refuge) and it was by far the most beautiful place I have seen. Luckily for me it was cloudy the day I went which really added a more mystical look to the sky above the peaks. I really recommend visiting the rainforest as soon as they open at 9am to beat the heat and pack bug spray! Everything here is so gorgeous and untouched I really started getting Jurassic Park vibes. Among the many living vegetation here was

  • açaí palms
  • lipstick plant
  • bamboo
  • cacao
  • wild tobacco

and more! This garden really makes you take a step back and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.



Beaches and Sunsets

Sunset Beach is one well-known beach to see the gorgeous skies on the north shore. It’s also a great turtle watching spot. However my personal favorite was Ka`a`awa Beach Park. I discovered this small beach on my drive back to Turtle Bay leaving the Byodo-In Temple. And I am so grateful I did! It was just right off the side of the road. There is a small area of sand that separates the ocean from the rocks and trees. Home-made swings hang from the ancient trees. I felt like a kid again rocking myself back and forth, sand between my toes. The crashing waves matched my every movement I made. I found real tranquility here. The following day I came back for more and got caught in the rain for 20 minutes. Life is amazing in Oahu.



10777370032_IMG_0690 2

October was an amazing time to visit Hawaii!! But then again, when isnt? I didn’t expect to fall so hard in love with this island. Oahu has now surpassed Maui in my book. Yet The Big Island is still my favorite. Have you visited before? If so, which island is closest to your heart?






  1. November 6, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    Wow—it looks beautiful! Great pictures😊

    • Carmen
      November 6, 2018 / 6:01 pm

      Thank you!:)

  2. November 7, 2018 / 9:23 am

    Going to Hawaii in 1-1/2 years for our 30th anniversary….can’t wait!

    • Carmen
      November 7, 2018 / 11:15 am

      That’s amazing! You will love it

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