Spin Off In Cycle Bar

Spin Off In Cycle Bar

2019 has arrived and I have completely new fitness goals for myself. An important long-term goal I have is building enough endurance to ride in Big Bear. My short-term goal is leaning my body out and toning my legs at the same time. To do that I knew I would have to take some cardio days off and just focus on weights. Soon when it came time to get my cardio in (otherwise known as cardio day) I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I felt extremely bored, tired and really couldn’t stay on a machine for more than 10 minutes. I needed change and fast!


After searching for spin classes in Los Angeles (which isn’t easy) I came across Cycle Bar. I headed over to the West Hollywood location to check it out and absolutely loved the vibe from the start. First off, they provide tons of different class options and for a girl like me who is scared of commitment that’s a huge plus. The facility is extremely clean and not so big that it’s overwhelming. I was provided with spin shoes upon entering and then headed back for my class. I was mesmerized by the state of the art lighting. The whole set up had me really blown away and the best thing is you have elbow room between bikes! The music was perfect and seemed to be in synced with the workout.  The bikes have weights attached which are awesome! The instructor’s energy kept me peddling throughout the whole 45 minutes without ever thinking of stopping! I couldn’t belive I had found such a fun upbeat cardio routine! Thank you Cycle Bar Weho!!


If you need a change in routine or just a fun way to really enjoy working out I suggest trying out a commitment free class with Cycle Bar. The intimate surrounding will have you feeling like you have a personalized workout just for you! Cycle Bar even emails you your STATS after class. Not to mention all sorts of events such as Wine Wednesdays and even a live DJ for some classes. Now a days to keep up my cardiovascular health and lean physique I attend attend Cycle Bar 2-3 times a week and am alwasy eager to go peddle.




Have you tried a spin class before? What is your cardio routine?




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