My Next Big Move

My Next Big Move

Hey everyone! So after finding out life changing news about 4 weeks ago, I have a big blog announcement! Drum roll please…….I’m moving! Yes I’m finally moving out of Los Angeles and am thrilled about that BUT now that the time has come and the place I am moving to is completely opposite, you can say I’m pretty nervous. Come March I will be relocating to Nashville Tennessee! I know I know, very random. This will be my 3rd move within 2 years and definitely not my last. Although Nashville will be a temporary move, I still need to make the most of it. After a short visit to Nashville 2 weeks ago, I unfortunately still have very little expectations or opinions on it (spent the whole 3 days eating in and house hunting).

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Now that the time has come I’m realizing I will indeed miss LA and want to reflect on some of those things I’ll be missing.

  • Culture. Los Angeles is thriving in Culture no doubt. I can eat any type of food I want. Shop any country I want. Practice any religion I want. Go to every type of music genre I feel like listening to. This will be a huge loss.
  • Ganj. I mean obviously this is a HUGE L. I can’t really imagine living somewhere where it’s illegal to carry a vape on you or light one up walking down the street. Not being able to walk to the store for more. Wish me luck! lol
  • The beaches. So many beautiful beaches around.
  • Eco-friendly. California, LA especially is pretty eco-friendly (I mean, for America) and I LOVE that.
  • Animal rights. I’m not sure how dog friendly Nashville is but no city is more lenient than Los Angeles. Not only pet friendly but California has passed some pretty influential animal’s rights laws lately like banning puppy mill sales, ban of animal tested products, no kill pet shelters for example.
  • Healthy eats. Every corner seems to have vegan friendly, keto friendly, organic, raw you name it!
  • Big city. Being in a large city has a lot of perks.
  • Shopping. No surprise here that LA has some really great shops. Every brand, every designer you name it.

While I will deeply miss those qualities there is an enormous amount of things to balance out that I WON’T be missing. Such as:

  • TRAFFIC. 9 mile distance=45 minute car jam, thank you next
  • Zombies. Yes zombies. The homeless epidemic here is nothing new however I’m not referring to that. I’m referring to the bat shit crazy zombie-like people living everywhere in the streets. I am 10000% over it. It’s sad, scary, and uninspiring to say the least.
  • Air pollution. My hair and skin are ready for a change
  • Cost of living especially gas
  • Toxic Vibe. I think I met friendlier people my 2 days in Nashville than my almost 2 years in LA.

Nonetheless I always have a crave for change and this is for sure an over load of change to last me a fair amount of time lol. I have a completely new journey for 2019 and I haven’t the slightest clue of what to expect. If anyone has any long distance moving advice or even any Tennessee advice feel free to comment below or on my contact page!

For now I’ll be enjoying my last month on the West Coast and then it’s gooooodbyyyye LA!

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Sunglasses: Gucci

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