Current Obsessions February

Current Obsessions February

Hey loves! I decided to round up all of my current obsessions and share them with you! These are some of the items I use EVERYDAY and am not quite sure how I’ve gone through my adult life without them til now.

  1. Body Brush

I dry brush my entire body every day before showering with this little guy. The benefits of dry brushing are mass but the one that really catches my eye is preventing CELLULITE. Yep, unbelievable what you can do when your target your lymph nodes.

2. Jade Roller

I am literally obsessed with my jade roller! Massaging your face is SO important and this baby makes it easy. Besides pushing out all of the water retention held in your face, it also helps with contouring and aging. What’s better than that?! Well the jade roller also helps when I have migrains!!

3. Kat Von D Liquid Lash Liner

During my whole punk stage I use to dream of a dark, bold, lash liner that didn’t smudge and dry out like pencils. Thank you Kat Von D for making this amazing product! Not only is it vegan but this product will NOT budge! I’ve worn it on long, crazy nights and at the end it is still perfect. Let me also say it’s cry proof people.

4. Celery Juice


I’ve been on the celery juice train for a bit now and am loving it! No I don’t just use celery, I add ginger, agave and maybe an apple or carrot. But the main ingrident is 3-4 celery sticks.

5. Collagen Powder

I’ve been adding this tastless powder to all of my drinks latley. Coffee, juices, protien shakes ALL of it. The health benifits of collagen are pretty amazing, it helps replinish our hair, skin, nails, joints and tendons as we age.

6. SLIP Silk Pillowcase

My hair and skin are so thankful for my SLIP pillowcase. I no longer wake up with tangled, dry, frizzy hair. I also avoid any “sleep marks” on my skin after a good nights sleep.

Let me know below if you guys have any of these products indluded into your daily routine as well!




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