Road Trip Survival Guide

Road Trip Survival Guide

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Hey guys so this week I’m preparing for an 1800 mile, 30 hour road trip! Killer! I know! I typically wouldn’t choose to drive this long but as you know I am relocating and found this option to be the best for me. Although I do love driving, being cooped up in a vehicle for this long can be brutal for anyone so whether you’re going on a 5 hour or 30 hour road trip, I’ve put together this guide to help make your road trip a breeze.


Staying entertained during your trip is key. It will make the hours fly by. One tip I have is finding a great podcast. One in particular that I am OBSESSED with is Crime Junkie. I will literally want to stay in the car until the episodes are finished lol. Another form of entertainment is always cuddling up with a good book.



Healthy Eats:

Who wants to be desperately hungry on the open road only see Taco Bell and Subway out the window? Not me!! Packing even just a few snacks/meals makes a huge difference! Some of my favorites are

  • spicy popcorn
  • trail mix
  • fresh fruits
  • spinach turkey rolls
  • blueberry muffins


No matter what type of vehicle you are hitting the road in you want to make sure you are extra comfortable. On long trips I always pack my eye mask, big pillow, an extra hoodie and slippers.



While traveling with pets you want to make sure they’re 100% stress free. Even though Taco loves being in my lap, I also like to have a designated area for her in the backseat. I set her up with a bed and attach her doggy seat belt to her harness. If your pet doesn’t typically have a set schedule for eating I suggest making one then packing snacks for the drive. Luckily she is very used to traveling BUT if your pet gets anxious don’t worry there are plenty of alternatives out there such as hemp oils.

Thanks for reading I hope this guide will be useful! Wish me luck and let me know if you have any hacks/suggestions!




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