20 Changes in 2020 To Create A Better Year

20 Changes in 2020 To Create A Better Year


“Nothing changes if nothing changes”


  1. Show more gratitude for the NOW
  2. Be consistent with physical activity
  3. Don’t leave out cardio!
  4. Prioritize time for the important things
  5. Incorporate more fruit and veggies into your diet
  6. Don’t be so hard on yourself
  7. Get proper sleep time (6-8 hours)
  8. Journal
  9. Limit 1-2 guilty pleasures (mine is chocolate & tequila)
  10. Drink more water
  11. Cross at least 1 destination off your travel bucket list
  12. Read more books
  13. Spend more time outdoors
  14. Mediate
  15. Less complaining
  16. Cut off toxic people and environments
  17. Limit late night eating (after 6:30pm)
  18. Swap junk food for healthy snacks
  19. Limit unnecessary screen time
  20. Keep track of short term goals and accomplishments

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