Elevate Your Shower With Eucalyptus

Elevate Your Shower With Eucalyptus

Who doesn’t love a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home? Bath products and routines are constantly evolving but what about our boring showers?? Time to elevate our shower time majorly with minor cost and effort. Yes I’m talking about adding eucalyptus to your shower. This plant is sold at your every day markets like Trader Joes or your local florist.

A little history

Discovered sometime in the 1600’s originating from Australia, word spread quickly around the globe of this tree and it’s amazing benefits. Thanks to the California Gold Rush bringing travelers from all over, this state is now abundant in eucalyptus.


Never underestimate the power of some good aromatherapy. The aroma alone promotes relaxation and is a natural stress reliever. Nasal congestion? Say no more.. oils found inside may also kill bacteria and viruses (bye germs)! The inflammatory properties may help a variety of issues we carry. The list goes on so just try it out yourself!



This part couldn’t be more effortless. To crunch some of the leaves (release the oils) I rolled them a bit with a rolling pin. Jk I’m not a grandma and don’t own a rolling pin, I used a wine bottle! After that I split the branches into 2 and wrapped them with a rubber band, turned them upside down and voualah! You now have a fancy spa like shower and such a cute aesthetic! Replace when you feel the aroma is drying out, anywhere from 3-8 weeks!

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