A Simple Guide For Preventative Botox

A Simple Guide For Preventative Botox

Let’s talk botox! The most popular procedure you can do to keep looking youthful. As an esthetician I’m always baffled at some of the perceptions of botox in general, especially when clients are under 35. So let’s dive in to this very simple guide!

What is botox? Botox- short for Botulinum Toxin is a toxin injected by a specialist in small doses to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles. It works by temporarily weakening or paralyzing certain muscles.

Preventative You may be thinking “well I’m only in my 20s I don’t need botox yet” and honestly the answer for that is different for everyone. It differentiates on how thick our skin in, our genetics and our own personal self care (smoking, spf, stress etc). My answer is, you’re never “too young” to start preventative care for the future. If you look into the mirror and notice some fine lines or wrinkles then you are a candidate for botox. (You should start to notice them in the forehead and eye area first). So what exactly is preventative botox? Preventative botox or “baby botox” is getting botox when you start to notice the fine lines and wrinkles, for everyone the age part is always going to be different. So there really is no right or wrong age. When you begin this procedure early in life, it prevents the now small fine lines from getting worse with time. The key with preventive care is to catch it before it escalates. Since botox measures in units your provider can administer an amount that works for your face therefor it looks natural and you don’t look “frozen” like we tend to see in comedy movies or even the Real Housewives series on Bravo.

My personal experience with xeomin (another brand) has been amazing! I began at 23 and questioned my decision if I was “too young” yet I didn’t love the fine lines that appeared on my forehead so I pulled the plug and did it. Now when the xeomin wears off I don’t notice much of anything else and I really feel its through the help of preventative botox. 

Other Questions

Cost: Costs have so many different factors like where you live, how much you need, what brand you buy etc generally ranging from $9-$15 per unit. Remember starting young = less units which = less costs.

Where do I go?: A wide range of dermatologists, med spas, and plastic surgeons offer this treatment. Just do lots of research before hand.

Does it hurt: No, the needles are very tiny.

How long does it last? : Varies from person to person but generally 3-6 months you’ll need a touch up or revamp.

How long does botox take to kick in: Again everyone is very different but anywhere from 2-14 days.

Other usesmigraines, excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis), eye spasms.

Hope this little guide was informative enough for anyone interested. Link any questions in the comment section below if any!

xo, Carmen


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