DIY Body Polish

DIY Body Polish

Today I’m excited to share one of my absolute favorite DIYs! If you live in a desert area like I do, then you know the struggle of trying to keep your body constantly moisturized. With summer time approaching, our exfoliating/moisturizing routine is extra important. Would you believe me if I told you the secret to silky smooth skin can be found right inside your kitchen?! Forget the over priced body scrubs that contain micro plastics. This simple 3 ingredient DIY body polish will have your skin glowing and feeling the smoothest it ever has! Oh and btw it’s all organic and chemical free:)


grounded coffee beans

coconut oil (liquid form only)

coconut sugar


No one likes dealing with dry reptilian-like skin. To allow products to penetrate and moisturize, we must first exfoliate off the dead layer of skin cell build up. Coconut sugar is gentle enough to remove dead skin cells and also contain micronutrients like iron and zinc. Coffee – my favorite ingredient, contains an immense amount of benefits. Between improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation as well as the appearance of cellulite this is such a key ingredient! Last but not least, coconut oil, the universal answer to every problem.

Mix Mix Mix!

Finally the fun part! Creating this formula to your liking can be super fun. You can use any size container, glass or plastic doesn’t matter. (Recycling strongly encouraged) While I don’t use exact measurements, I eye each ingredient and mix as I go. If you like your body polish on the thick side use more coffee grounds and sugar. If you like yours to be on the runnier side (like me) just compensate with more oil or find a middle ground in between. You really can’t go wrong.

Voia!! Your body polish is finished and you have enough to create extra batches as soon as you run out. Simply apply counter clockwise in the shower. Simple affordable and affective. You won’t even have to moisturize after your shower.

Thanks for reading

xox, Carmen


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