How To Be A Healthy Blonde

How To Be A Healthy Blonde

Being a healthy blonde doesn’t have to be hard and it is far from impossible. For years now I have the tendency to change my hair color drastically all depending on my mood. From the deepest, darkest, nearly black tone to golden light blondes. My hair has never suffered from intense damage. I’ve never had to “chop it all off” in hopes to start over. I don’t lie to myself with a vow to never go blonde again and resist any urge that comes to mind. So if you’re a darker-haired person in hopes of going lighter for whatever season or reason, this post is for you. And yes! This is the green light you’ve been waiting for.

Step 1. Research. Do your homework and find a good stylist skilled in coloring. They don’t have to “break the bank” but remember, you get what you pay for.

Step 2. PATIENCE – listen to your stylist’s advice. Depending on how dark you start, this is typically never an overnight change. Trust the process of gradually getting to your goal.

Step 3. Toss out all shampoo/conditioners with harmful chemicals. Parabens, sodium, and sulfates just to name a few. PS don’t bother ordering products from amazon they’re usually fake.

Step 4. Invest in a mask and leave-in conditioner. A good hair mask used weekly will help restore and hydrate what the bleach left thirsty. Leave in conditioner (detangler) is essential for after washes. Bleach causes more tangling you want to avoid.

Step 5. Get your trims! I use to dread trimming my ends, attachment issues much?? But after committing to trimming my ends just every 8 weeks (recommended is 6 who cares I’m not perfect) my growth has been insane!! It’s like my stylist has a green thumb.

step 6. Purple shampoo. Tone tone tone! Toning at home between appointments is essential because no one wants to be a brassy blonde. Sassy not brassy.

step 7. Heat protectant spray. This should be used with any color but especially after bleaching. Make sure you always spray a heat protector before styling.

step 8. Consider a darker root. Shadow roots/root melts are so underrated! Not only do they add more dimension and a natural feel to your look but they keep you out of the salon for touch-ups. You save money and your hair’s health. Win win!

Being a healthy blonde isn’t for the lazy but if you follow these steps you’ll be on the right path for joining the healthy blonde club!! And healthy blondes have the most fun!

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