Boob Job; A Guide To A Speedy Recovery

Boob Job; A Guide To A Speedy Recovery

So you’ve done all your hard work and research and finally booked your boob job date, so now what? Time to prep for a speedy recovery! Recovery time is such an important factor that comes with the process. This boob job being my second, I knew exactly how to prepare for a not only speedy recovery but a comfortable one as well. This guide will have you feeling as if you are over-prepping, but is there even such a thing? Not at all, your recovery comfort is so important, giving your mind and body time to relax and heal.

Minimizing Swelling

After your boob job expect swelling, a lot of swelling, and not just in your chest area, but your whole body, unfortunately. However, with this speedy recovery guide, swelling may subside in just a few days!

  • Pineapple! freshly cut, dried, juiced, any form you desire!
  • Papaya! same thing. The enzymes in these fruits do wonders
  • Frozen peas or ice packs. Not just for your new boobs but also for your shoulders. Your post-op bra will cause some discomfort.
  • Arnica. I prefer supplements but tea works as well. Best to start the days leading up to surgery
  • Minimize your sodium intake the week leading up to surgery

Maximize Comfort

After your boob job, your doctor will recommend sleeping elevated with 3-4 pillows behind you. To make this easier I linked a wedge pillow that I’ve had the best sleep with! You won’t even notice your new awkward sleeping position.

Comfy clothes! During recovery aim for looser fitting clothes as it will be so much easier to dress yourself as your arms will have limited restrictions. The same goes for tops. Zip or button-ups are the easiest to wear. Slip-on shoes will also be the easiest especially going to your medical center day of surgery.

Traveling. You won’t always find your ideal doctor in your home town so when booking a hotel for your out of town stay make sure to choose a hotel not only close to your surgery center but also in an area with good food options. If it fits into your budget aim to book a suite, the more spacious the better.

Food is Medicine

While it is a no-brainer to avoid unhealthy foods. Specific nutrient-rich foods will have you feeling and healing your best. Prunes, prunes, and more prunes, TMI but you’ll see why. Stock up on green, and immunity-boosting juices at your local juicery.  Intaking lots of liquids help to flush out any remaining anesthesia. Gingerale right after waking up from anesthesia is a lifesaver with any nausea you may experience.

Keeping Yourself Busy

Keeping yourself entertained in a positive fluid way will speed up the clock on your recovery time. So binge the Netflix series, organize your Goodreads account, and stock up on the literature of your choice. Keeping yourself entertained helps aid in avoiding the “post-op blues” which are very common while waiting around for your dream results.

Keeping It Cute

During the time you aren’t feeling your best, there are simple things you can do to look a little more put together during recovery. I washed/styled my hair the night prior to surgery to have luscious curls all week. Having my Dyson dryer really makes life a lot easier! I found natural colors or french manicures/pedicures look the best in case you can’t make it to the salon as soon as you typically would.

Trust The Process

Last but not least, keep calm and trust the process. Results don’t happen overnight so keep yourself judge-free and stock up scar prevention to maximize your investment with beautiful scar-free results.

Hope this guide helps you to create a speedy, comfortable recovery! Message me if you have any questions.

xo, Carmen


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